Come see us at Sherry’s Fireworks!

We are a family-owned and operated store that opened our doors with quality products over a decade ago.

We specialize in custom designed shows using RGS Brand Fireworks, the highest quality products on the market. RGS Brand features the sought after “Black Widow” Artillery Shell. Our highly-trained staff takes pride in knowing what every firework in the store does. Come see us and let us design a show you will not soon forget!

Sherry’s Products & Video Links

"Home of the Notorious Black Widow Super Shells"

Types we offer at Sherry's Fireworks can vary, but our main brand is RGS. Our colorful and exciting lines of Missles, Cakes, Artillery Shells & Novelty Firecrackers have been Entertaining families and groups for over 20 years with visual and audial excitement. Below are the categories with links to our RGS website that has videos of each style.

Choose a style of fireworks below and that link will open a new window to learn more at RGS Brand Fireworks:

New For 2021!

500 Gram Cakes

Artillery Shells




Multi-Shot Cakes

Rockets & Missles


Roman Candles





Watch an RGS Backyard Fireworks Show

Sherry’s Fireworks

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Monday thru Saturday:
10 a.m. - 7 p.m.

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